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Happy 2021!

Oh, right. Excuse me. This year certainly will be terrible for musicians.

You telling me people still blog? People read blogs? Hasn’t social media made long-form writing obsolete? For that matter, any writing longer than a sentence or two?

In the words of the great Phil Collins… I don’t care anymore.

Social media is bad for me, and it’s bad for you, too.

Anyway, I’m stuck at home just like all of you, figuring out what to do musically. Well, this is something… and I do have a few things I’ve been sitting on for years that might be worth sharing.


Right off the bat, I’m to going to plug my favorite music blog – Bret Pimental, woodwinds. His writing is consistently the most useful content on woodwinds (in fact, music performance) I’ve ever encountered. In a deceptively simple and short amount of text, he manages to pack in an enormous amount of wisdom. (Seriously, buy his book, even if you already know how to play. It’s a great gift.)

It’s also the only music blog I follow. I’m not even going to begin to pretend I can push out the excellent content that Bret consistently does. But I’m inspired to give it a go.

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